Saturday, September 8, 2012

What an Easy Race

My cross-country ski training pushed me through my first race since June today. Let me tell you it was not the most pleasant thing I have ever done. The race starts off just a few hundred feet above sea level and climbs the locally infamous Ester Dome whose peak is over 2000 ft. All of that in a 5k race or 3 miles. The first 200 meters are flat, then after that it just gets steeper and steeper. The times on this course speak for themselves. This year a new record was set somewhere around 22:30, I was a whopping 27:57, about my 5k time from 2nd grade.

This is the kind of race where, if I were doing it alone, I probably wouldn't finish most of the time. Today I just had to keep reminding myself all the benefits to my skiing this would bring and how I would feel if I got beaten by a girl. Last year the top two women finished ahead of me, this year I was able to hold them off by 30 seconds or so, what a relief.  

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