Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rocket Failures

I'm starting to feel like NASA when it was desperately trying to launch something to space. The second attempt with the new rocket design was another failure. This launch was a bit more promising. The rocket got a little bit of altitude, granted it was about 6 inches, but it is a start.

With this rocket I did everything like the first with the exception of the rocket fuel, which I made a
much better batch of. As it turned out the propellant was the problem with the last rocket. When I lit this one off it burned in about a thirtieth of the same time. I don't know the math to calculate it, but I can tell you that is a lot more thrust. Unfortunately, with that added power comes some added complications. The quick burn obliterated my makeshift nozzle, completely blowing it out and rendering the rocket useless. The next rocket will sport a much stronger nozzle that will hold up, if everything goes right, which it probably won't. And if I am really lucky the next launch will be a successful one.
                                                                                                            The Determination 2 Rocket

I have decided to call these rockets Determination, because I won't stop until I get a successful launch.


The blown out nozzle

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