Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starting Blocks for this Blog

Just a quick post to help get this blog up and running. I've been thinking about starting something like this for quite a while. I know, science and cross-country skiing, it seems like an odd combination, you have the athletes and the nerds, the two subjects seem to be on different sides of the social spectrum. However, I know a great many skiers who are also massive geeks, including me. Science and skiing just seem to gravitate towards each other, kind of like a star being pulled into a black hole.

I hope to expand on this relationship here. I plan to post news, opinions, how-tos and anything else I can think of that pertains to either cross-country skiing or science.

If somehow you got here and have no idea what cross-country skiing and/or science is, I hope this isn't the case, but I will be posting definitions shortly.

Hope you enjoy,

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